Disposable Pod System – “Pod 1 Times” present the Pros and Cons

Disposable Pod

Disposable Pod System – VapeVL would like to present the Pros and Cons of the Disposable Pod System .

What will Disposable Pod System ( D.P.S) provide ? 

It is the most suitable products and obviously a must – have for any newcomers if they would like to  try before purchasing our  Highly recommended and well-qualified Vape system in general.

Like any others Vape products, it carries its own Pros and Cons. First, we will discover the advantages of the Disposable Pod System.

– EASY TO CARRY : this is the first and the essential feature that builds its franchise. It has the size of a FINGER ! Therefore , you will be able to bring it by your side wherever and whenever .

– FLAVOR : Each Pod carries a unique fruity flavor . The great sense of those brings us joy and excitement while using them .

– Price : The price of a single Pod is very  reasonable. It goes around 100.000 to 300.000 vnđ  base on the quantity of blunts.

Vaper who users absorb from the Disposable Pod System is mainly steam .

Thus, it will not cause any damage to lung and nasopharynx

On the other hand , it also has some disadvatages such as poor battery life , lack of choices in terms of flavor and you may lose it because it is quite small. Last but not least , it seems to be burnt quickly when long blunts are taken  .

Recently , there are various brands producing Disposable Pod System such as : Motipin , Veiik, Romio,Lio,Rodeo … There are also fake products causing heavy damage to customers’ health. Therefore, VapeVLVape Gia Re proudly state that we have been one of the top and a reliable vape products providers for the past 5 years, including Disposable Pod System.

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