Pod System Argus G – Review’s Post

Đánh Giá Voopoo Argus G Pod System 1

After Xlim,Favostix and other old Pod system, Pod system Argus G is the next generation product with different upgrades.

Pod System Argus G – Quality and design
Pod System Argus G - Review's Post

I received the green test version, which was enclosed in a beautifully designed box.

The guide is exquisite and has many illustrations.

The only information I can’t find is whether the screen is closed after charging.

The fuselage has a shiny ladder, but there are some changes around the screen and base.

First look at the front, and you will see the “ARGUS” logo engraved with a texture similar to the blurred surface used at the top of the screen.

At the top of the screen is a fuzzy control panel and the “Gene AI” logo on the smooth surface of the rest of the equipment.

The air flow adjustment slider is located on the side of the equipment.

Pod Argus G
Pod System Argus G - Review's Post

These shells are brightly colored, so it is easy to check the level of essential oil even if they are installed in the machine.

You can distinguish PODs with resistance signs and specified wattage. I hope all PODs can be easily identified!

It’s easier to light fuel with a large throttle.

The special magnet design is hidden in the machine, not exposed like a man.

Simple design absorption areas, such as XLIM and Favostix, are comfortable and familiar, which is ideal.

Buttons and screens
Pod System Argus G - Review's Post

The screen may be a little small, but it is full of information!

The power can be adjusted from 5 to 25W.

In the upper right corner is the battery charge icon, which is all white when charging.

Below the battery symbol is the resistance value. This is the resistance of the coil or pod, and the symbol “Ω” or ohm indicates the resistance unit.

Another value is the smoking counter, which counts the number of e-cigarettes you use.

If you like, you can enter the menu and reset it to 0.

This is very useful for tracking the life of the coil or battery, or if you are just curious about how much steam you have inhaled!

Pod System Argus G – quick guide
Pod System Argus G - Review's Post

Power On/Off: Press the button 5 times to turn the device on/off.

Suction mode: sensor or press button to use.

Air flow adjustment: move the joystick on the side of the device to turn off and on the air flow according to your preference.

Power adjustment: Press the ignition button three times, and the energy value will flash.

Depending on the installed pod, there will be power limit.

Open the menu: press the button quickly 5 times.

A menu appears, click the button and select Puff Clear (Suck Clear), Unlock (Unlock) and Power Off (Power Off).

Personal opinion

I like the intelligent output setting, and the Pod System Argus G automatically adjusts the wattage to match the coil resistance.

This means that you don’t have to worry about which wattage you should choose.

In addition, the equipment will not allow you to exceed the recommended maximum power of the coil.

I’m a little sad because there is no remaining information about the battery percentage on the screen, but it’s unnecessary.

In addition, sometimes in menu adjustment, you have to perform many different long and short hits.

Another small problem is that when you remove the pod, the device will reset the original recommended power.

I set the 1.2 ohm pod to 11W, but after taking the pod out, it returns to 10W by default.

Is Pod System Argus G leaking?

During the use, I didn’t find any leaking at all.

You may get a little steam condensation, which is normal-so just wipe it off quickly.

Will the battery last long?
Pod System Argus G - Review's Post

It depends on your own atomization habit, the coil installed and the energy level you choose.

After installing 16W on the 0.7 ohm pod, I absorbed an average of 220 steam-about 6 hours.

For a 1,2 ohm pod with a power of 10W, the battery life is obviously much longer, about 8-9 hours and 280-300W.

The charging shows that the remaining minutes of the Argus G Pod system look very subtle.


Exquisite design, paying attention to every detail.
The service life of my pod is 1 head /14 ml.
Automatically adjust wattage.
The chip does not allow you to use more watts than required.
The 1000mAh battery for Pod System Argus G is light and thin.
MTL to RDL due to air flow regulation.
The combustion ability is stable.
Long battery life.


The menu and settings of Pod System Argus G are a bit strange.
To turn off the machine, you need to enter the menu.
Smoke for up to 5 seconds at a time-it may not be long enough for some people.
Shiny shadow design, easy to adhere to dust and fingerprints.
Charging for 1.5 hours is a bit slow.
When the Pod connector is removed, the device will be reset to the preset power.

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