Vape E-liquid Fake – 1 Worrying Problem

Vape E-liquid Fake - 1 Worrying Problem

Vape E-liquid is a mixture of glycerol, propylene glycol, spices and nicotine, which is used to make electronic cigarette steam.

At present, about 35 million people in the world use electronic cigarettes. Therefore, when realizing this huge number, the rise of Juice Pod, Vape E-liquid Fake has become increasingly difficult to control.

What is Vape E-liquid Fake?

 Vape E-liquid Fake - 1 Worrying Problem

Vape E-liquid Fake is made of liquid with incorrect composition or concentration, which is inconsistent with the composition or concentration on the label.

In particular, the nicotine content of counterfeit goods is usually lower or higher than the nicotine content on the label, or contains unidentified impurities.

The problem is that at present, it is impossible to accurately determine what is contained in the counterfeit electronic liquid, and there is no formal certification plan to ensure the accuracy of the label statement.

However, manufacturing companies are studying ways to identify counterfeit electronic liquids using hand-held scanning technology.

This system helps to detect fake Vape E-liquid, because it not only proves that electronic liquids are not suitable for their labels, but also provides a chemical “characteristic” that can link them with their creators.

The Internet makes it easier for cheaters to sell fake goods and juice cans, and electronic cigarettes are no exception. This problem is still very new. We don’t know how to distinguish it, but for many long-term smokers, they will more or less distinguish it.

The juice box contains 0.3% to 5% nicotine. This is the current law of the EU and even the world, because high concentrations are usually illegal.

Any juice box manufacturer must declare the entire composition on the contents and package of the bottle. They even asked for the manufacturer’s address, company address and verification code.

Are Vape E-liquid Fake boxes dangerous?

 Vape E-liquid Fake - 1 Worrying Problem

Buying counterfeit e-cigarette essential oil by mistake will not only destroy trust, but also cause potential harm to health. The most dangerous thing is that the user is poisoned due to excessive nicotine intake or use with impurities, but this rarely happens.

High doses of nicotine can cause unnecessary stimulation, such as hypertension (hypertension), tachycardia (abnormally high heart rate), tremor and even seizures. Impurities in nicotine can also affect the body, but this is difficult to predict, depending on what the impurity is and its dose.

How to distinguish Vape E-liquid Fake and new technology

Juice Pod, Vape Giả - 1 Vấn Đề Đáng Lo Ngại

In modern times, almost everyone has a mobile phone that can take pictures and scan QR codes. Most genuine Vape E-liquid can scan the certification code, which will help you identify counterfeit products and prevent health problems caused by them.

Another simpler method is to compare the brightness and clarity of the letters printed on the essential oil bottle package or label. Click here to better understand the comparison between fake and genuine Vape E-liquid.

In addition, the export product inspection company also launched a “mobile spectrum technology”, which can identify the essential oil by emitting infrared light to the Vape E-liquid sample. Different components will reflect or absorb different amounts of light.

 Vape E-liquid Fake - 1 Worrying Problem

Therefore, this reflection measurement enables us to obtain a spectrum similar to fingerprint, which can be used to determine the physical and chemical properties of the liquid, so as to detect the fake Vape E-liquid.

Using this portable spectrum technology can save the cost, manpower and time of bringing samples into the laboratory, preparing and measuring, and data processing.

Instead, their system can scan samples and tell users how juice cans and vape are expressed – how much nicotine and other ingredients it contains – very easy.

It only takes a few seconds to collect data, and the results will be displayed in a few minutes.

The equipment is also stable in hot and cold climates and can be used in the field for a long time, even if your juice can and vape have been used for a long time.

Since the mobile version of the device is being tested to detect Vape E-liquid fake, counterfeit drugs and cigarettes, the date when dealers and sales use them will be not far away.

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